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Wäiss Kaul

‘Weiss Kaul’ is a double project, a monumental concrete sculpture and a mobile pavilion that follows with it. These two facets of the same project attempt to highlight the geological responsibility of humanity linked to the industrial exploitation of the earth, by putting geological time into perspective with human time.

The Ottange quarry, which is located on the Franco-Luxembourg border, is known for the richness of its coral limestone fossils. Cimalux, which operates the quarry, transforms this 23-metre-high layer into cement on the Luxembourg side. This layer of coral limestone is reproduced on a 1:1 scale using 3D scanning, thus forming a concrete sculpture reproducing the relief of the coral cliff in layers and reflecting the monumentality of geological time.

In a second phase, the form of this sculpture will be reused. By spacing out the form plates, a mobile and modular pavilion will be created in various places belonging to the region’s industrial past. This pavilion will be used to display marine fossils found in the vicinity of the various locations that the pavilion will occupy during the cultural year. The MNHN will display a selection of high-quality fossils in these pavilions, always taking into account the proximity of the pavilion to the place of their discovery.



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