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For more than 100 years, the steel industry has been part of the visual and acoustic landscape of the town of Esch-Alzette and the Luxembourg and Lorraine mining basin. Noise pollution for some, the soundtrack of a part of their lives for others, the song of the machines, composed of the whistling and lamentations of the overhead cranes and the roar of the metal devices in operation, fills the night with its melancholic presence, sometimes threatening and always subtle.

The Nightsongs project takes this nocturnal soundscape as the starting point and raw material for a series of electronic compositions devoted to the subject of night and the region’s steel history. Using field-recording and electronic production techniques, the recorded sounds of the steel industry become constituent parts of musical and sound works that invite the listener on a temporal journey that explores the different facets and activities of the night and their connection to the Esch region. The musical compositions, produced by electronic musician Samuel Reinard (Ryvage) or in collaboration with Luxembourgish (Them Lights, Pol Belardi, Pascal Schumacher…) and European musicians and composers, will be broadcast as part of a geo-located nocturnal sound trail via a mobile app in Belval, an immersive sound installation at the Bridderhaus and a live concert at the Kulturfabrik.



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