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Mosaïque Culturelle

We imagined a multicultural project marked by the memory of immigration but also by the future of the people present on the territory and their integration. Music, literature, theatre and dance are strong themes that unite people and even religion beyond the usual patterns. They are universal languages. A church can host a performance, the mixture of sacred and profane, food and dance interpreted in a traditional way and yet interspersed in an innovative way. This project aims to reach a very wide audience, either lovers of music and performance in their most refined forms, or a more simple audience, for whom it is possible to touch deep emotional chords.

A church that hosts a show, a mixture of sacred and profane, music, literature, food and dance performed in a traditional way and yet interspersed in an innovative way by professionals and non-professionals, a unique, reproducible but irreplaceable show.
A new choir created for the occasion
Soprano: Rachel Amegee
Choir director: Thomas Raoult
Musicians : Les amis des Accordéons
Dancers : Leo y Eugenia
Director : Carla Casaburi



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