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Esch2022 and the NEST theatre share the life of two intertwined territories although separated by a border. The cross-border residents cross this border every day: journeys from France to Luxembourg, from morning to evening, from day to night, from sunrise to sunset, putting at stake not only the social, urban, economic and cultural development of this great region but also our day and night lives.


For 2023, NEST Théâtre, the National Dramatic Centre in Thionville, is preparing for a major change with the construction of a new theatre in a future ZAC (mixed development zone) built to provide 1,500 housing units for future residents, many of whom will go to work in Luxembourg.

How does a district that is devoid of its inhabitants during the day live?

What is a city that lets its workers sleep on the other side of the border?

Is a dormitory town a town of sleepers, of dreamers?


EKINOX was born from these questions and the desire to get to know these territories by questioning the sleep and dreams of their inhabitants.

EKINOX is based on a long-term artistic creation process, based on collaborative work between artists and between artists and inhabitants, to create ‘tailor-made’ artistic events.

From January 2021 to autumn 2022, the project will be shaped in contact with the territory through surveys, dream collections, interviews, participative workshops, etc.

EKINOX brings together 6 artistic teams: l’Insomnante, the Rara Woulib company, directors Alexandra Tobelaim and Sophie Langevin, visual artist Tuia Cherici, and composer Olivier Mellano, as well as the dreams anthropologist, Arianna Cecconi.

# Equinox, day is equal to night # 2 equinoxes in the year # from March to September # from sleep to dreams #



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